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​Playlist - Sunday, February 7, 2016 - 7:00-900 PM 


For female vocal quartet

       03       Villemann Og Magnhild (Villemann and Magnhild) - Mediaeval ballad, after Kalenda Maya

       02       So Ro, Godt Barn (Rest Now, Sweet Child) - traditional Norwegian folk hymn, Vestfold/Arr. Tone Krohn

       09       Rolandskvadet (The Song of the Roland) - Mediaeval ballad, Telemark

Performer: Trio Mediaeval (Anne Maria Friman, Linn Andrea Fuglseth, Torunn Østrem Ossum);

Birger Mistereggen, percussion

CD: Folk Songs - 2007 ECM Records


BEATUS PARVO, Op. 117 - Vagn Gylding Holmboe

For chorus and orchestra

Text: Verses 1-5, 10 and 11 from Psalm 32 (31) of the Bible - sung in Latin

       08       I.   Beati quorum (Blessed are they whose iniquities have been forgiven) - Tranquillo - 4:30

       09       II.  Quoniam tacue (For while I was silent) - Espansivo - 3:30

       10       III. Delictum meum (I will acknowledge my offense to you) - Moderato - 4:56

       11       IV. Multa flagella (Many are the scourges of the sinner) - Allegro - 4:55

Performer: Danish National Opera Choir; Aalborg Symphony Orchestra; Owain Arwel Hughes, conductor

CD: Vagn Holmboe: Chamber Concertos and Beatus Parvo - BIS 2005


ON THE WINGS OF LOVE, Op. 38 (2006) - Ian Venables
For tenor, clarinet, and piano

Texts: Constantine Cavafy, Garcia Lorca, Jean de Sponde, Emperor Hadrian, Robert Frost, William Butler Yeats

      01        I. Ionian Song - Constantine P. Cavafy (1863–1933) - 4:43
                  (Translation by George Barbanis; Dedicated to Ned Rorem)

      02        II. The Moon Sails Out - Federico García Lorca (1898–1936) - 2:31
                  (Translation by Robert Bly; Dedicated to Ian Flint)

       03      III. Sonnet XI - Jean de Sponde (1557–1595) - 6:10
                  (Translation by Gilbert F. Cunningham; Dedicated to Graham Lloyd)

       04     IV. Epitaph - The Emperor Hadrian (76–138 AD) - 2:47
                  (Translation by Royston Lambert; Dedicated to Kenneth Prendergast)

       05      V. When you are Old - William Butler Yeats (1865–1939) - 6:50
                  (Dedicated to Gilly Lowson)

Performer: Andrew Kennedy, tenor; Richard Hosford, clarinet; Iain Burnside, piano

CD: Ian Venables: On the Wings of Love; Venetian Songs - Naxos 2010


THE SALVAGE MEN (2015) - Jeff Beal
For a cappella choir

       01       I.   A Very Long Moment - Oscar Wilde - 6:01

       02       II.  Spiderweb - Kay Ryan 5:04

       03       III. Virga - Kay Ryan - 5:48

       04       IV. Age - Kay Ryan - 3:59

       05       V.  Salvage - Kay Ryan - 6:44

Performer: Eric Whitacre Singers; Eric Whitacre, conductor

CD: Jeff Beal: THE SALVAGE MEN - Unquiet (2015)


WINTER MORNING WALKS (2012) - Maria Schneider

For soprano, jazz combo, and orchestra 

Texts: Ted Kooser

       01       I.     Perfectly Still This Solstice Morning - 3:34

       02       II.    When I Switched On a Light - 1:54

       03       III.   Walking by Flashlight - 3:51

       04       IV.   I Saw a Dust Devil This Morning - 2:45

       05       V.    My Wife and I Walk the Cold Road - 3:57

       06       VI.   All Night, in Gusty Winds - 2:20

       07       VII.  Our Finch Feeder - 1:25

       08       VIII. Spring, The Sky Rippled with Geese - 2:24

       09       IX.   How Important It Must Be - 6:05

Performer: Dawn Upshaw, soprano; Frank Kimbrough, piano; Scott Robinson, alto/bass clarinet;

Jay Anderson, bass; Australian Chamber Orchestra; Maria Schneider, conductor

CD: Winter Morning Walks – ArtistShare (2013)



Three songs inspired by and incorporating the music of Bela Bartok - Moira Smiley.

For female vocal trio and cell

       01       Zelena (Green Mikrokosmos) - 2:15

       08       Out of a Child - 2:42

       10       Rano (Early Morn’ Mikrokosmos) originally titled “Bartok 148” and based on Mikrokosmos #148 - 3:06

Performer: Moira Smiley & VOCO

CD: Small Worlds - Whim Records (2009)



Three jazz ballads after poems by the 19th century French poet

Charles Baudelaire (2012) – Harald Banter 
For a cappella vocal quintet

Texts: Sung in German; translations of the original French poems

       03       I.  Abendharmonie (Evening Harmony) – 4:05

       04       II. An eine kreolische Frau (To a Creole Woman) – 2:31

       05       III. Hymne (Hymn to Beauty) – 3:34

Performer: Calmus Ensemble (German vocal ensemble); Elke Heidenreich, conductor

CD: Nachtgedanken (Night Thoughts) - Carus 2014

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